Sunday, October 12, 2014

Great Birthday Weekend at Harvestfest!

Harvestfest is by far my favorite festival in Little Rock so it made an obvious choice to spend my birthday there.

I signed up to share a booth space with my friend Lisa a couple of months ago. It almost didn't happen. I have been calling an emailing all month because neither of our names showed up on the registry. Sure enough, I found out a couple of days before that the committee never received our application. Luckily for us, someone backed out and we got a spot! We set up in front of Damgoode Pies.

I was up until 2 am the night before sewing these "Ratty's". They were a fun addition to the booth and all sold! I will definitely make some for the next festival.

 I hand-painted a sign for my space earlier in the week and it was definitely a good idea. I found that people were drawn to the sign and were more likely to visit my set-up.

I did the Legends of Arkansas festival earlier this year and I learned quickly that I was unprepared for selling in a festival setting. I added a clothing rack to display the shirts and the sign this time. I also made several more shirts.

I learned several things by looking at the booths of the old pros. Several of them used a metal wire grid to hang their shirts on. If we get a canopy, I'll probably invest in one of those. It looks a little more professional than my rack.

Lisa and I had a great day. Lots of friends stopped by and we had good sales all day long. I will definitely make more large and X-large shirts next time. I made several shirts and I based the sizes on what I have sold in the past. I've learned - the more shirts you have, the better.

I will definitely be doing this again next year. It was a great experience.