Thursday, September 18, 2014

Show at The Frame Shop Gallery

I was so excited to be chosen for a solo show at The Frame Shop Gallery in my home town of Russellville.
Brian did a fantastic job hanging the show!

Brian Irwin, the owner, called me sometime mid-July and asked if I was able to have a show in August! I jumped at the opportunity and worked hard to create new work and prep old work.

I love his arrangement of the "Loud White Space" paintings! Here is my Aunt Sharon checking things out.
It was a great turn out!

Music at the Depot - an event where local bands are brought in to preform across from the train depot - was going at the same time. This made a great atmosphere and brought in an awesome crowd.

My uncle Fritz in front of the "Smeared Princesses" Painting Series
My uncle Fritz was so kind - he printed out flyers and passed them out to people watching the bands outside. He brought in quite the crowd.
Mom and I
My BFF Beth and I.
 Beth and Josh were so kind to come and support me. They stayed the whole time and even went out to dinner with us afterward!

My handsome man Adam and I celebrating with Beth and Josh at dinner afterward.