Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well..I graduated

Well, I graduated.
That was a fun, but very stressful Residency.

With the Show, the Art Talk, the Defense, then my little Graduation Speech, I had just enough events packed into 10 days to keep my consistantly on antacid.

But I survived and everything went great. It hasn't hit me all yet. I will miss my art friends so much. It is imperative that I jump into the art community here.

I start my UACCM class next week and I have a promising bite on my house, so regardless of what I decide to make art-wise this month, I'll be plenty busy.

I am super excited though. This is the moment I've been looking forward to for years. I'm done working in the high school, I'm done with grad school, and I'm moving into college teaching.
Now all I need to do is start getting set up in galleries and start selling art.
It seems like a monumental transition.

I need to make a plan, that'll help. Lists always calm me down.
Anyhow, Until then. Carl and I will be snuggled up on the couch writing lectures out.
Good times.

I will be keeping my blog, I'll be transferring it over to more - art making/ art selling and life goings on. SO. It'll still go on. I'd love if you kept reading it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Home Stretch

This Post seemed really boring, So I added my recent finds - Jeffery Thomas's "Twisted Princesses" They are below

Well. Here I am, up to my knees in paint and epoxy.
I had originally planned to ship my paintings today BUT I underestimated the amount of epoxy needed SO I got the chore of recovering 3/5 of them. This took extra days.

Tomorrow morning I ship. I'm going with Pak Mail. They are going to be a bit more expensive than Fex Ex but I've had really bad luck and some broken work with Fed Ex, so I want to take all precautions. After all, this is the BIG ONE!

After everything was said and done, I'm proud of how the paintings have turned out. Rob S. suggested the Evirotex Lite to coat them, and out of all my experiments, it definitely was the best choice. It gives a nice thick clear coat. Like a candy coating. Yum. Anyhow - if you go with it, just OVER estimate what you need. You will need more than the box suggests. It lies. 

Other things have been going on.

#1. I got into the Boston Young Contemporaries. Yay! They took 2 of my handkerchiefs.

#2. I was asked to participate in a retrospective show at the Baum Gallery. The gallery is part of UCA, the university I attended for undergrad. I'll be showing with two other mixed media artists, including my excellent mentor, Holly Laws. You can see her awesome stuff on artnet here.

#3. I got a job as Adjunct Faculty at Arkansas Tech University. The University is in my hometown. I will be teaching 3 or 4 courses - studio, lecture, and Art Education.

#4. I was entered into the Arkansas Artist Registry. I could have submitted a form a long time ago, BUT they sent me an invite along with a show announcement - so I sent my stuff in. You can see my snazzy site here.

#5. After five long years of teaching public school - I quit! HOORRAAAYY!! I won't say I'll never go back, heck, I could be back next year. BUT for now. I'm so excited for new things to come.

Crossing my Finger for:
I have entered my stuff into several things and I am waiting to hear back. You can cross your fingers with me.

#1. Along with the AR Artist Registry came an invite to participate in a Small Works on paper. This exhibition travels the state. I entered 3 drawings.

#2. I also applied for a fellowship with the AR arts council in the genre of "Sculpture/Installation". Seeing that I'm going to be a P/T Proff. , I could use that!

#3. I sent images in for STUFFED and Prims Magazines. These are two of my favorite mags! They feature soft sculpture and are both publications of Stampington. Anyhow - I sent images of my birds. It would be so neat to get them in a magazine!!!!

#4. I'm trying to sell my house. You should buy it. It's a great house (When It's not covered in artwork). BUY IT.

To sum it up. I've been a busy bee. 
I'm all done with my artist talk, my thesis, my graduation speech, and after this last painting dries - my work. *Sigh of Relief*. 
Now if I can just get some meds for the flight. I hate flying, I'd knock myself out if I didn't have to change planes. Deep breaths. 

Seems like I'm forgetting something. Guess not. Oh well.

Like this one - It's like Mulan meets St Sebastian.