Saturday, February 25, 2012

Very Productive Art Day

The goal today was to get my painting matted and framed for the Art Center show and deliver it. On the way, I stopped in the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Hot Springs. I was surprised to find two photographs on show that I researched for my thesis!

"Dressing Gown" by Julia Fullerton-Batten

"Aurore Eveillee" by Clark and Pougnaud

I was so excited to see the pieces in person! Along with them were three other pieces I really like which were also fairy-tale ish.

"Mirror 02" by Agata Stoinska

"Marwori Stallion" by Tom Chambers

"The Loners" by Polixeni Papapetrou

After I got all done browsing around, I decided to head into the Golden Leaves Bookstore. I figured it was your average vintage book store. I was wrong. This place was stuffed to the brim with metaphysical books and romance novels. On top of that, they had an incredible power crystal section and many many many dreamcatchers. This place was far out.
They were going out of business so everything was on sale.

Then, upstairs, in a dark room, on the floor - I found this painting:

It's a painting by C. Carey Cloud, the dude who created toys to put in the Cracker Jacks boxes.
And get this - it was $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought it. For Realz.
I found they bought it at an antique store for $75 several years ago.
I'm going to sell the crap out of this thing. This is one of those antiques roadshow moments!
Super Pumped

What a productive day. I've also been working on several other paintings for the Art Walk this Friday in Russellville - 5-8 pm if you want to come :)
I'm going to give the Arkansas Art Council fellowship a try too. Why not?

I'll post them when I'm all done. You'll buy them all before I can show them.

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Luke Spence said...

Wow $3 for a Cloud painting. Thank goodness you stumbled upon it, and saved it from falling into obscurity, and possibly the dumpster. Cotton Canary & Weathered Wood was painted circa 1982. Perhaps one day I'll make a discovery like that.